Run Double What??

This event is targeting all Arab-Indie Game Developers as well as gamers. The gamers will discover the games produced by Indie developers through Indie Games Exhibit. This experience will make them help one another in completing the missing aspects of every game. This will help in promoting Indie development in MENA region and hence promoting its Gaming Industry.

IGDA Egypt
Partners :

You should come if you're a

  • Indie Game Developer

    The event will help the Indie Developers share their experiences and success stories as well as the obstacles that faced them in their careers.

  • Gamer

    the event will get you aligned with games developed and produced by Indie Developers in the region.

  • Student

    Speakers will help those intersted in pursuing a career in Game developemnt know from where to start

2016 with Indie Prize

This year indie developers will get an even bigger chance for exposure since we partnered with Indie Prize-Casual Connect, (The biggest international indie showcase)
One game from the showcase will be selected to win & take part in Indie Prize Berlin (Feb-2017).
so if you are a developer don't forget to submit your game. while registeration

Stats for nerds

  • 2015 kick off
  • 250+ attendees
  • 64% Gamers
  • 4h worth of sessions
  • 15 Games showcased

2016 Winners

  • Best Game Award(Nominated for Indie Prize Berlin)
    Pix Hop - Abdallah El Sayed

  • Audience Choice Award
    Beats of Fury - Aly Ameen


See you next year! :)