Run Double huh?

Run Double Jump -RDJ- is an Arab indie game developers and gamers gathering.
The local indie game developers get to show off their games to the gamers at the Indie Exhibit.
The developers get to test their game and get one on one feedback and the gamers get to try original games that have not yet hit the market!
We aim to promote the Indie Game dev scene and its Gaming Industry in the MENA region!
It's a win-win for everyone!

IGDA Egypt
ITI Game Development Academy
Partners :
Game Daily Casual Connect Indie Prize

You should come if you are...

  • An Indie Game Developer

    As a game developer, player feedback should be the most valuable during the process.
    At RDJ  you will meet players who will give you unfiltered feedback, and you will meet fellow developers who will share their stories and experience with you!

  • A Gamer

    RDJ  is the best place for you to meet other gamers who are interested in indie games in general.
    You will also be helping the local game developers to make games specially trailored for you! And it's free!

  • A Student

    You will meet people from the industry and learn about their challenges and successes.
    Also, there are sessions that you can attend that touch on a variety of topics regarding how to get started, level design, game design, and how to get a job as a game developer!

Indie Prize!

For the fourth time this year one indie developer will get to go to Indie Prize-Casual Connect (The biggest international indie showcase)!
One game from the showcasing will be selected by the gamers' votes to win & take part in Indie Prize! So if you are a game developer, just submit your game through the ticket registration!

Wait for updates about the 2020 Run Double Jump!
Stay connected with us through here!

Some statistics!

  • 2019 SEP 07
  • 40% Gamers
  • 4h worth of sessions
  • 11 Indie games

2019 Winners

  • Best Game Award (Nominated for Indie Prize Berlin)
    Soul Piece - Yasser Reda

  • Audience Choice Award
    Skull Switch - Raskulls game Studio

2018 Winners

  • Best Game Award (Nominated for Indie Prize Berlin)
    Cows Vs.Cowmander - LargeLabs

  • Audience Choice Award
    Soul Piece - Yasser Reda

2017 Winners

  • Best Game Award (Nominated for Indie Prize)
    Skelewton's First Law - Youmako Games

  • Audience Choice Award
    The Hero - Dark Space Studio

2016 Winners

  • Best Game Award (Nominated for Indie Prize)
    Pix Hop - Bnoo Games

  • Audience Choice Award
    Beats of Fury - Bubble Head


Please check in a few months, Stay connected! :)